Update #9

Bhubing Palace, Doi Pui Hill Village, and Last Volunteer’s Dinner!

To wrap up our last Monday in Chiang Mai, we trekked up Doi Sutep with the other English Volunteers to the King’s Chiang Mai Palace, Bhubing Palace. At the palace we walked around the many beautiful gardens and viewed the beautiful mountain side. Afterwards we headed across the mountain range to a hill tribe village, Doi Pui Hill Village. There we enjoyed the gorgeous mountain range and seeing the Doi Pui Hill Village. Before all the volunteers headed home we enjoyed one last delicious meal together, pasta! Esther took us to a wonderful family owned Italian restaurant where we were able to dine and chat before going our separate ways.


Evaluation Meeting and Renovation Part #2

On Tuesday, we started our morning with a meeting to discuss the future of our partnership. It was a time to evaluate our two months spent in Thailand and to explore the opportunity of new experiences for both churches. After our meeting we enjoyed a yummy meal at Chef Steak and started our second renovation project downstairs in the youth room. In this room we decided to do a music theme since the youth at Payap Church love music and many of them play instruments. We incorporated Thai cultural music and dance along with modern music and dance. Thanks to our wonderful in-house artists, Dianne and Kira, the murals turned out great and we know the youth will enjoy them!


Headed to Kansas City

On our last day, it was hard to wrap up an AMAZING two months in Thailand but we did our best by eating at one of Marisa’s favorite restaurants (Yui’s Noodles), enjoying coffee at Zion Cafe, riding one last time in a tuk tuk, and eating dinner with Esther Wakeman and her husband Rob Collins. It was a rainy trip to the airport but after a heartfelt and bittersweet goodbye from our Payap Church family, we entered security and headed home to Kansas City.



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